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Your Industry Advocate

As a member, you gain a dedicated advocate committed to advancing the excellence and widespread adoption of asphalt pavements throughout the state. We are your representatives in the industry at the federal, state, and local levels.


Access to Innovation

Stay ahead with access to the latest technologies, resources, and innovations in the industry. Our top-notch training and professional development seminars provide a front-row seat for you and your team.


Network and Connect

Become a part of our dynamic community, bringing together asphalt pavement producers, suppliers, paving contractors, equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers, distributors, engineering firms, and consultants. Join us in fostering meaningful connections across the state's asphalt landscape.


Exclusive Representation

APANM is the only trade association exclusively representing the interests of asphalt pavement producers, suppliers, and paving contractors in the state. We work closely with federal, state and local agencies and organizations to ensure your needs are met.


Champion Excellence

We are the unwavering voice of the industry, championing the highest standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability in asphalt construction. Join us in positioning asphalt pavements as the forefront choice, contributing to the growth, resilience, and lasting success of New Mexico's infrastructure. 

Why Join?

1. Dedicated Advocates
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As a member of the only trade association in the state that represents the interests of asphalt pavement producers, suppliers, contractors, and affiliates, you have a dedicated advocate. Our industry is facing numerous challenges such as overreaching local air quality boards, shortages of qualified engineers and DOT workers, and transportation funding challenges. However, as an association, we speak with credibility and strength to policymakers, always working to protect the interests of our industry. We are actively involved in shaping policy, securing funding, and fighting against overreaching regulations that could negatively impact our industry. Thanks to our efforts, we help secure an unprecedented amount of transportation funding and capital outlay projects for the state each year. This funding provides the predictability that contractors, producers, and suppliers need to build infrastructure, and has a direct benefit to your success and ability to consistently sell and expand. We become experts in transportation infrastructure issues and have the kind of credible influence on policymakers that only the association can have.

Thank you for considering this partnership. We are eager to discuss further how our association can tailor its offerings to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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