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Who We Are

Representing the Trade

We are the only trade association that exclusively represents the interests of producers, suppliers, and paving contractors of asphalt pavement material in New Mexico. We work closely with government agencies and other trade and business organizations to ensure that our members' needs are met.

Voice for Industry

Our association facilitates communication about environmental issues and promotes the use of high-quality asphalt pavements and paving techniques in the construction of roads, streets, highways, parking lots, airports, and environmental and recreational facilities. We provide our members with technical, educational, and marketing materials and information. We also offer technical information to users and specifiers of paving materials.

Trusted Leadership

Our local chapter was established in 2014 and includes a diverse membership of asphalt pavement producers and suppliers, paving contractors, equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers, equipment distributors, engineering firms, and consultants. Our members are the people responsible for building New Mexico's roads. APANM is a member of NAPA (National Asphalt Pavement Association) and SAPA (State Asphalt Pavement Association).


We Educate

We are committed to excellence, providing valuable training, resources, and certifications to our members. We believe in building lasting relationships within the industry by offering essential information and support.


We Advocate

We strive to create a unified voice for our members through partnerships with governing organizations that promote education, specifications, policies, and procedures that enhance the industry.


We Connect

We learn from each other by providing events where our members network and collaborate on best practices.   You’re not alone, and our entire membership is here to help you win!